Six N. Five. / Argentina

Dreamed Living Room

Lad Plata / GANADOR Ilustración 2019


Lad Plata / Ilustración 2019 / Argentina

We had the pleasure of being called by the Style Magazine of The New York Times Singapore to design our dreamed Living Room for their recently launched section called T-Home. In this section, they basically ask creative people to design a specific room in their proverbial dream house — or, essentially, to give us a voyeuristic glimpse into their unbarred notion of what living well means. This space is where good moments should happen, where we can have languid dinner, where we can talk about the most random topics, or watch a movie horizontally on the sofa.rn

Studio / Diseñador:

Six N. Five.


Six N. Five.


Six N. Five

Director de arte:

Six N. Five

Director creativo:

Six N. Five

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