Mateus Valadares / Brasil


Lad Oro / GANADOR Editorial 2017


Lad Oro / Editorial 2017 / Brasil

this brief anthology presents 22 poems by vinicius de moraes — one of the most prominent brazilian poets and a bossa nova founder — in the form of an unpretentious small book. love incantation is the prevailing theme of his literature and the challenge for the design was to create a book so fascinating as his poems. the graphic project commissioned visual artist filipe jardim to create a series of brushstrokes, abstracts and figurative drawings. his illustrations was used with freedom. images was colorised, cut, used in different scales and mixed. the color variation used with the black strokes and the multiple use of the images, favoured by an asymmetric text grid, dictated a surprising rhythm where each page could be poetically admired tog

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Mateus Valadares

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