Bloco Gráfico / Brasil


Lad Bronce / GANADOR Editorial 2017


Lad Bronce / Editorial 2017 / Brasil

The tales gathered in The Bloody Chamber and other stories are proof of Angela Carter's creativity. By appropriating stories such as Little Red Riding Hood and Beauty and the Beast as well as mythical characters like vampires and werewolves, the author reconstructs a realistic universe that drinks from fantasy. She dismantles a puzzle and repositions pieces of feminine, violence, sexuality and heroism. To explore this innovative imagery, the design unites the stories into a single landscape grouped into an end paper that unfolds in 8x the format of the book page. To open each chapter, the characters were separated into their respective tales. For the cover, they appear as a vignette creating a relationship with classic books. On the slip case, the interaction with the typography takes place in a contrasting and modern manner.

Studio / Diseñador:

Bloco Gráfico

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Director creativo:

Gabriela Castro, Gustavo Marchetti, Paulo André Chagas, Carla Barth



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