estúdio arco / Brasil

estúdio arco


Lad Oro / BRANDING 2018 / Brasil

This is a branding project for estúdio arco, a multidisciplinary graphic design studio based in São Paulo, Brazil. After defining a positioning, methodology and manifesto, a visual identity was developed, reflecting the studio’s personality. The logo reflects the name [«arco» means «arc» in Portuguese]: is a typographic logo system based on simplicity and flexibility of an arc. Working with the simplicity purpose, the whole identity is typographic and black and white, exhibiting a few graphic elements that reinforce the ideia of adaptability and movement. The identity was then spread to stationary, an editorial monograph, a presentation journal, a video, some motion experiments and utilitarian objects. The materials and finishings were handpicked and thought out, so they could play an important role in the project.

Studio / Diseñador:

estúdio arco